Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yorkie Puppy Training

Help. My puppy pees on my carpet! I may have to get rid of my new friend, as much as I don't want too. That is a very common problem, especially with new puppy owners.

Begin your housebreaking procedures immediately. Always be patient! Take your puppy to a designated area in your yard. Be consistent. If your dog is sneaking off to another room and having an accident, you will have to take some of his freedom away until the problem is solved. The longer you allow this type of behavior, the longer it will take to train your puppy. When your puppy sneaks away, follow and take him outdoors very quickly. Take him to his designated place to finish eliminating.

A big role in house training, is training yourself to be consistent (even in cold weather) to take your yorkie puppy out at the proper time.

Take your yorkshire terrier out just as soon as it awakens from a nap, eats and drinks, upon leaving it training crate, early morning just as soon as your family gets out of bed.

These tips will work, if followed faithfully. As the puppy gets older, it will be more able to follow the training, wait longer between outside trips, and just overall be easier to manage potty accidents.

Remember, he is just a baby, and doesn't know what you are talking about until he learns.

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